SharePoint Contact Directory

Information and pictures from SharePoint User Profiles, a SharePoint Contacts app or another source (or combine sources). Search as you type. Custom filters and refiners. Customizable look and feel...

Supported SharePoint Versions

  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2019
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2013

Supported SharePoint Experiences

  • SharePoint Modern Experience
    Built using SPFx, React, REST and Fabric UI —the same tools Microsoft uses to develop SharePoint. Backed by Microsoft, update-ready, reusable, migratable and consistent with SharePoint's look and feel.
  • SharePoint Classic Experience

Features Galore

Our SharePoint Contact Directory is full of helpful features, including search-as-you-type, size and layout controls, sorting and filtering, and much more. Fully customizable!

SharePoint Employee Directory with Pictures

If your contact data has images, they can automatically be displayed in the app, creating a SharePoint contact list with photos. Images can come from any source, such as photos stored in Active Directory and SharePoint User Profiles, pictures attached to items in a SharePoint list or any external source.

Contacts from Any Source

The SharePoint Contact Directory can pull information about people and groups from any source. Create a SharePoint contact list from active directory, SharePoint User Profiles, a SharePoint list, Office 365 users and groups or an external source.

Fully Customizable

You can customize every aspect of the SharePoint Contact Directory app, including fields, layout, style, navigation, menu items and more. Create your own unique SharePoint employee directory template.

Default Features

Features typically included with this app:

  • Add and change the fields/columns used in the app.
  • Add a search bar to any list in your app. Works with lists, grids, menus and more.
  • Provide the ability to sort items in a list or grid. Sorting options can be customized for your app's fields/columns.
  • Provide the ability to filter items in a list or grid. Filter options can be customized for your app's fields/columns. Filters can be selected from a dropdown menu or filter panel.
  • Can be added to unlimited sites & pages, no license required.
  • Quickly select different layouts. For example, switch between a grid of cards to a data table.
  • Change the size of text elements, images, cards, tables and more.
  • One year bug fix & 30 days of minor changes.

Optional Features

Additional features frequently added to this app:

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