SharePoint Contact Directory

Information and pictures from SharePoint User Profiles, a SharePoint Contacts app or another source (or combine sources). Search as you type. Custom filters and refiners. Customizable look and feel...

Supported SharePoint Versions

  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2019
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2013

Supported SharePoint Experiences

  • SharePoint Modern Experience
    Built using SPFx, React, REST and Fabric UI —the same tools Microsoft uses to develop SharePoint. Backed by Microsoft, update-ready, reusable, migratable and consistent with SharePoint's look and feel.
  • SharePoint Classic Experience

Features Galore

Full of helpful features, including search-as-you-type, size and layout controls, sorting and filtering, and much more. Fully customizable!

Default Features

Features typically included with this app:

  • Add and change the fields/columns used in the app.
  • Add a search bar to any list in your app. Works with lists, grids, menus and more.
  • Provide the ability to sort items in a list or grid. Sorting options can be customized for your app's fields/columns.
  • Provide the ability to filter items in a list or grid. Filter options can be customized for your app's fields/columns. Filters can be selected from a dropdown menu or filter panel.
  • Can be added to unlimited sites & pages, no license required.
  • Quickly select different layouts. For example, switch between a grid of cards to a data table.
  • Change the size of text elements, images, cards, tables and more.
  • One year bug fix & 30 days of minor changes.

Optional Features

Additional features frequently added to this app:

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