SharePoint Classic Classifieds

Engage and connect employees with Craigslist-style buy, sell and trade at work. The Classifieds app has customizable fields and categories. The look and feel of available items, search and filters are completely customizable, too. Easily display classifieds on pages in different site collections throughout your SharePoint farm or tenant. Receive alerts about new items, require review for new posts and get notified when one of your items is sold...

Flexible Display Throughout SharePoint

Combine items from multiple Classifieds apps on one page. Show Classifieds items on any page in any site collection throughout your SharePoint farm or tenant. Filter items differently on different pages to tailor listings to different audiences.

Summaries & "Read More" Links

Click an item to view its details, including a description, images, asking price, trade options, expiration date and contact details.

Entirely Customizable

Customize everything, including style (colors, fonts...), forms and fields for posting items, categories and much more.

Ask for Details or Request a Quote

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