SharePoint Charts & Graphs

Visualize any data with beautiful charts and graphs. Use data from any source, including SharePoint lists and external sources. Combine data sources for easy comparison.

Supported SharePoint Versions

  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2019
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2013

Supported SharePoint Experiences

  • SharePoint Modern Experience
    Built using SPFx, React, REST and Fabric UI —the same tools Microsoft uses to develop SharePoint. Backed by Microsoft, update-ready, reusable, migratable and consistent with SharePoint's look and feel.
  • SharePoint Classic Experience

Area Charts

Use area charts to represent changes in data over time. Overlay or stack multiple areas to compare data sets.

Bar Charts

Use bar charts to represent any type of quantifiable data. Represent multiple data sets with stacked or grouped bars, or represent ranges or differences in two data sets, such as high and low temperatures.

Pie Charts

Use pie charts to represent data as percentages of a whole. Color code your data for quick comparison. Use concentric charts to represent multiple data sets. Display more details with tooltips.

Pan & Zoom

Powerful zoom enables you to quickly change from a high-level overview to a zoomed-in focus area. Drag your mouse to pan around.

Line Charts

Use line charts to represent changes in data over time.

SharePoint Line Charts

Scatter Charts

Use scatter charts to compare large data sets without regard to time.

SharePoint Scatter Charts

Radar Charts

Use radar charts to compare data sets with shared features or characteristics.

SharePoint Radar Charts

Radial Charts

Use radial charts represent bar charts in a unique and engaging way.

SharePoint Radial Charts

Funnel Charts

Use funnel charts to represent reduction in numbers throughout the stages of a repeatable process. Funnel charts are often used to visualize a sales pipeline, measuring throughput and dropout rates.

SharePoint Funnel Charts


Use treemaps to represent hierarchical data in a small areas. Quantifiable data can be represented by the size and color of each rectangle.

SharePoint Treemaps

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