Custom SharePoint Forms

Create your own forms with custom layouts, sections, fields & style.

Pretty & Functional

Engage users with beautiful, fit-for-purpose SharePoint forms that make it easy to enter the correct data every time. Custom layout and style to make forms look however you want. Multiple pages with "Save", "Save & Back" and "Save & Next" buttons. Feed data from a single form into multiple SharePoint lists. Automatically create additional supporting files when an item is created. Show and hide different sections depending on who's logged on. Cascading dropdown lists. Default values based on the way the form was opened, parameters from the URL and more. Hide some fields until a checkbox is checked or a value is entered into a box...

Show & Hide Fields & Sections

Change the form when something is clicked, selected or changed. For example, show extra fields when a checkbox is checked, or hide unneeded fields when a specific category is picked from a dropdown.

Show and hide different fields based on who's logged in. Present a simple form for most users and display all fields when an administrative users logs in.

Tabbed Forms

Display separate sections on different tabs at the top of the form. We can even combine multiple SharePoint lists into a single form, so the data from the separate sections and tabs are saved to different SharePoint apps.

The look and feel of tabs is entirely customizable. Use your organization's colors, insert engaging icons, add "Save & Next" buttons, and much more.

Cascading Dropdown Menus

Make it easier to find the right choice from multiple dropdown menus that are linked together. For example, when you select Oregon from a State dropdown, the Cities dropdown only shows cities in Oregon.

Guidance Built In

Enhance your forms with images, texts, numbered steps, tooltips and more.

Organize Large Forms

Carroll University Course Form image


OR DLCD Form image


USDA Forest Service Request Form image

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