Sizzler USA

Intranet to collaborate with internal departments, extranets to share with numerous franchises and corporate stores, custom branding and ongoing support.

Corporate Intranet

A custom intranet for internal collaboration between departments and executives. Three-level security for each site to control who can see, do and change each area. Ability to securely share news, events, tasks and documents between departments, as well as an extranet for sharing with franchisees. Initial project included migration of about a quarter of a million documents.

Extranets for Sharing with Franchisees

Internal corporate content managers can share documents and other information with multiple franchise and corporate restaurants scattered throughout the multiple states. Each extranet home page shows news that has been shared with franchises and tasks assigned to the restaurant that is currently logged on.

Expandable Navigation Links

This lightweight modification to the left navigation menu saves users from being overwhelmed by a large list of links. The top five links always show, and clicking "Show more links" expands to show all of the links.

Smart Forms

This Announcement form changes when the "Actionable" checkbox is clicked, enabling a due date and the selection of one or more groups of franchisees. Each franchise in a selected group is assigned a task, which appears in their home page. Email reminders and admin dashboards help keep everyone on track. This solution gives a single application for making informational announcements and actionable tasks from the same app, and save significant time by automatically assigning dozens of tasks from a single form.

Granular Permissions

Each department and franchise group has a secure site with typical three-level permissions and more complex permissions in some areas. Administrators can easily add and remove users from SharePoint groups to grant them read, edit or administrative access to each area.

Theme Updates

To keep the system looking fresh, we update the look and feel based on Sizzler's latest Brand Usage Guide.

Ongoing Support

On-demand Q&A, brainstorming, training and issue resolution.