Oregon DLCD

The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (OR DLCD) is a state agency dedicated to providing a healthy environment, sustaining a prosperous economy, ensuring a desirable quality of life and providing fairness and equity to all Oregonians. Every few months, the agency holds public meetings to discuss agenda items, which must be formally prepared for presentation ahead of time. We built a custom SharePoint solution to manage meetings, agenda items and related information.

Meeting Dashboard

OR DLCD Commission Meetings are a lot more than just a date and location. Each meeting consists of numerous agenda items, and each agenda item can have unlimited supporting documents. SharePoint workflows automatically assign tasks for authoring and approving content to help commission staff collaborate on everything before the meeting. The Meeting Dashboard displays key information and buttons to access all of the details.

Auto-Generated Meeting Agenda

Our solution automatically generates the agenda for each meeting. Information from the meeting and all of its agenda items is automatically pulled onto the page and formatted to match their old manually-built agendas. Our auto-generated agenda mixes static text and images with data from the Meeting (a SharePoint Calendar event) and related agenda items (documents within SharePoint Document Sets). The Agenda is a SharePoint page that can easily be saved as PDF, saving commission staff a significant time and headaches.

Agenda Item Worksheets

Each Commission Meeting consists of a variety of agenda items. Some agenda items are automatically included with each meeting, while others are meticulously assembled by a team of specialists. Agenda Items consist of SharePoint Document Sets, each containing multiple supporting documents. Agenda Item Worksheets are custom forms that enable the team to enter information about the agenda item, such as the title and description, the people involve and the time needed for presentation.

Each agenda item undergoes a multi-stage approval process involving multiple stakeholders. The Agenda Item Worksheet displays details about the overall status of the agenda item and each reviewer's progress.