Central Oregon Community College

Custom branded SharePoint intranet for a large community college. An engaging home page with buttons and a slider. Site templates for different committees, departments and resources. Permissions management. Ongoing support.

Main Home Page

The left navigation menu is styled as buttons. SharePoint administrators can easily add new buttons using SharePoint's built-in menu editing options.

The content slider automatically scrolls through slides, which are easy to maintain using a simple SharePoint list.

Content Slider

A content slider that automatically scrolls through slides every few seconds. The slider is driven by a simple SharePoint custom list that enables content managers to easily add slides, change background images and author the content that overlays on each slide.

The slider is highly customizable. Change the timing, paging controls, layout, styles and animations (slide sideways, slide down, fade and more).

Secure Sites for Groups & Resources

A secure subsite for each committee, resource and department. A site template for each type of site makes it easy to create new subsites with the right initial structure, functionality and style. Each site can be access from the main navigation menu.

Some sites have restrictive permissions to control which users and groups can see and modify information in each area. Unauthorized users won't be able to access the and won't see the site in the navigation menus.